Company Profile

Kloften & Kloften A/S was incorporated in 1965 to provide a means for butt-splicing the copper tape used in the electric cable industry as the outer conductor in coaxial cables (CATV cable).

In 1981 we were called upon to provide a similar splicer suitable for the carrier in strips for electric and electronic connectors.

After having been the sole supplier of such equipment for a number of years, others have since introduced welding machines which are also well suited for the purpose, but we are still alone splicing carrier strips and leadframes with silver solder, a method which is well protected by a number of patents which we have filed world wide. The latest being allowed recently in Japan.

A silver solder splice is preferred for brass (which does not lent itself well to welding) and for very thin tapes (less than 0.2 mm thick), and for cases where no increase in thickness can be tolerated.
The use of our splicer in the gold-plating lines for the leads (leadframes) connecting the Micro Chips on the new “Smart Cards” has opened up a new market, where we appear to be the sole supplier.

The silver solder used in above splicers is well suited for most copper based alloys, except Beryllium Copper, which forms a strong oxide film. To handle this material, and also stainless steel, we introduced, in 1999, a machine which splices using a unique welding method.

Recently we have developed a “Multi Purpose” splicer which can do all that our other three models can do. The desired operating mode is selected on a control panel. The same panel is used to select the various parameters. For further information, see “Recent Improvements No. 19”.

In 2006 we changed the company name to Kloften - Ege.

Th. Lovstadsvei 50, 0286 Oslo Norway - Phone: +47 22 43 72 66 - Fax: +47 22 55 92 72 - E-mail: ege@kloften.com
Bank: Nordea, Oslo - Acc. No. 6038.05.41311 - Enterprise Reg. No. 989382438