Recent improvements of the Kloften & Kloften

                                                          Carrier Strip Splicer.

Issue No. 1.                                              April 9, 1991


The following improvements have been made:


1.         Improved brush holder.


A new holder for the upper carbon brush makes the brush move straight up-and-down, without the slight pivot action of the old design. In addition, all necessary adjustments can now be made at the factory, eliminating adjustments in the field. This assures that the two carbon brush surfaces in touch with the carrier strip will always be parallel, a requirement which must be met to obtain a satisfactory splice.


2.         Tungsten electrode instead of carbon.


If the carrier strip is very narrow, a 1.6 mm Tungsten rod may be used as the upper or both electrodes.


3.         No more thickness increase.


            The increase in thickness of the carrier strip at the splice has been eliminated (the silver solder is contained between the two carrier strip ends).


This feature is particularly useful for contact strips which are to be processed in a second stamping operation with stamping dies made with close tolerances.


4.         External trimming unit.


We can now supply an external trimming unit which will produce a clean cut of the carrier, without the distortion sometimes experienced when cutting heavy gauge carriers with the built-in cutters.


5.         Automatic lifting of the solder guide tube.


A device  has been designed to automatically lift the guide tube (for the silver solder) out of the way during the period that the contact strips are being placed on the guide pins. The device is particularly useful when splicing contact strips with contacts facing the rear of the splicer.


6.         "No-hands" change-over.


We can now offer an automatic splicing station which will eliminate the need for an operator being present at the moment one reel runs out. The new reel will be spliced to the trailing end of the preceding one automatically.


Most of the above improvements may be retro-fitted to existing splicers. Please contact us for more information.