Recent improvements of the Kloften & Kloften

Strip Splicer

                                                                                                                                  April 1, 2000

Issue No.16


1.                  Further Improvements of the Dual Carrier Splicer.



The Weld-Splicer may now be equipped with a panel on which the operator can step through a menu to change the original (suggested) settings on the PLC, as well as choose between single and double carrier operation.


With reference to the enclosed figure showing the E100 panel, the default settings (as delivered from the factory) may be as follows:

Security Level:
- 6 pulses front
- 6 pulses rear
- Double Carrier
- 200 ms (milliseconds): R14 timer
- 150 ms: R4 timer
- 150 ms ON TIME
- 150 ms OFF TIME

Note: The R14 timer gives one heat pulse at the start of the splicing, while the R4 timer controls the current at each subsequent pulse. At each pulse the step motor moves forward during the 150 millisecond (ON TIME)-period, and halts during the OFF TIME-period..


To change the number of pulses front, press the button under + (marked F3) once to increase the number to 7 and so on.


Pressing the button under Next (marked F4) will bring up 6 pulses rear, and the number may be increased by pressing (+), or reduced by pressing (-) (F2).


To change between Double Carrier and Single Carrier press Enter (after first having given the password for security level 2").


The timer-settings are increased or reduced by 10 ms each time the plus or minus buttons is pressed.


All new settings (except TIME ON and TIME OFF) will remain when the power is shut off.


To prevent un-authorized operation of the panel, the program may be protected by means of passwords. The operator may, for instance, only be allowed to change the two timersettings (R4 and R14), while a password of level 1" will be needed to change the number of pulses (Front and Rear). A password of level 2" will give access to the other settings.


If desired the number of security levels may be increased further. The maximum is 8.