Recent improvements of the Kloften & Kloften

Strip Splicer                                      

March 25, 2002

Issue No.19




Multi-Purpose Splicer



The Multi-purpose Splicer mentioned in our last Issue is really “Three Splicers in One”


As will be seen from the Operating Mode “Tree” under Company Profile (and below), as many as four carriers may now be spliced. This number may be increased further if required. It only means a slight modification to the PLC program.


This, together with the rapid change of tooling (less than 5 seconds in the case of single carrier products) should make this unit particularly well suited for production lines which are subject to frequent changes of product type or -material.


Note also that our splicer-design is modular, making it relatively simple to increase the maximum width of carrier strips and the maximum width of the strip. The “Two-Carrier” limitation in the case of soldering may also be extended if necessary.


The Operating Mode “Tree” below shows how the menu on the operating panel is used to select the desired mode of operation. The same panel is used to select all the necessary parameters for the splicing operation. Battery backup prevents the PLC from loosing this information when power is shut off.


For this model’s technical data, please refer to the pages CSS, MCL and WSS.