Recent improvements of the Kloften & Kloften Strip Splicer.



                                                                                                                                    May 29, 2002

Issue No.20


1.             Patents:



Since Kloften & Kloften pioneered the Copper Tape Splicer for the Cable Industry back in 1965, and the Carrier Strip Splicer for the Connector Industry in 1981, 10 US and 2 European patents have been allowed.


We have just been informed that an application for a Japanese patent covering our butt-splicing method has been allowed, and given Patent No.: 3,295,422.


2.             Splicing Copper / Plastic Laminates.



These tapes are used extensively in the Cable Industry either as shielding or as a moisture barrier.


Due to the plastic coating, the original Kloften & Kloften Tape Splicer could not be used. Instead one had to contend with a splice made with an adhesive tape. To maintain electrical conductivity the tape had to be made conductive by adding minute metallic particles.


While this splicing method seems to have worked well, it can never be the same as a metal-to-metal joint.


We have now developed a splicer which will make a metal-to-metal splice, and at the same time maintain the coating intact.