Recent Improvements of the Kloften & Kloften Strip Splicer



October 5, 2002



1.             Carrier and Stock Welders - Thickness of Welds.



Since the weld is produced by the upper electrode rolling along the slightly overlapped product to be welded, the pressure has to be limited in order not to loose the overlap as the welding progresses, due to the squeezing effect of the electrode.


However, once a weld has been completed, the process may be repeated, to reduce the thickness increase by as much as two thirds. By automatically increasing the pressure the second time, and with a special shape of the lower electrode, it is even possible to eliminate the thickness increase altogether.


This means that when the unit is used as a welder, the same result may be obtained as when the unit is programmed to be used as a silver soldering machine. With silver solder it is even possible to produce a splice which is thinner than the material itself.


2.                  New Application of the Kloften & Kloften Strip Splicer.



Our next “Mission Impossible” project is to butt-splice a number of parallel fine wires, such as those used to produce a wire braid over a cable core.


Today it is customary not to splice the wires when one spool runs out, but just let the wires be held in place by the other wire sets The wire ends protruding from the braid are broken off by repeated bending.


Computer cables normally have a very thin plastic jacked extruded over the braid.

Loose wire ends have been known to cause shorts when the jacket is subjected to a voltage test.