Recent Improvements of the Kloften & Kloften Strip Splicer



November 16, 2002

Issue No.22


1.             .Using the same machine for welding and soldering.



Our “Dual Purpose” idea, making the same unit suitable for welding as well as soldering, must be a sound one.


Recently we read a note in a newspaper stating that General Motors (Opel) has adopted the same principle, insisting that a welder which is also capable of soldering is to be used on all body repairs on their cars. The reason is, apparently, that welding will cause the zinc coating on galvanized body to evaporate, leaving the repaired parts open to rust attacks.


We have a similar condition when splicing contact strips made of brass. Also here welding will cause evaporation of zinc, which in our case results in brittle splices.


A further indication is the fact that some of our customers who already have welders from other suppliers have selected our Dual Purpose units when ordering additional equipment.



2.                  Soldering connector strips with more than 2 carriers.



Our “Dual Purpose” unit which can weld up to 4 carriers is no longer limited to 2 carriers when in the soldering mode.


3.                  E-mail address change.



Please note that our US representative has a new e-mail address:


            DAF Associates

            727 Pin Oak Drive

            Lancaster, PA 17601

            U. S. A.